“We convert potential into reality; and reality into profit”

Not only can we bring investment to grass-root or existing businesses, we can also offer a range of expertise from programme management to specific consultancy areas. We ensure our interests are aligned with the shareholders of each underlying project we manage.

“Southouse Zambia” – Agricultural Machinery Dealership in Zambia

Following a difficult period up to the recent Presidential Election, the business of this project has improved and Southouse Zambia has actively added contract spraying to its activities.  Tough competition from US producers has made new machinery sales difficult but recent activity based un quality and service is beginning to show results.  This has been aided by an excellent on ground team.


Mauritania Rice and future development

In 2015 CRMG was commissioned to evaluate an existing farming operation in South Mauritania with a view to further expansion.  In 2017 this was expanded to include a potential high value vegetable project to supply Europe.

Farm Generation and Redevelopment Northern Zambia

CRMG have reached agreement to take over 25,000 hectares in Northern Zambia. The project anticipates 60% rice production with full on farm processing (to wholesale or retail packed stage) and 40% conventional Zambian arable rotation. This has only been made possible by the commitment of the Paramount Chief of the Bemba, who will retain an important shareholding.

Funding is proving difficult with appetite for both the sector and region diminished.  CRMG is exploring a number of avenues to close the requirement

Implementation 2018 with EIA already commissioned and full feasibility due by end of 2018.


Charitable Farm Development in Northern Zambia

CRMG are now engaged in a remarkable 6000 hectare farm development project for a local Catholic order. Further information to follow



CRMG are now progressing a joint venture Poultry production evaluation 150 Kms from Kampala.  We expect to conclude a formal agreement in 2018





“We invest in projects that have demonstrable potential to create value by developing and refining upstream and downstream processes, predominately in the resource and agricultural sectors”. – Guy Cheyney, Co-Founder.